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Mike's Outfitting Ltd. is excited to announce that after 5 years of development we are now ready to take a very limited number of hunters into our incredible, new North western B.C. guiding area. You can be one of those hunters. The area is called Nass Valley Guiding and Outfitting and it has been virtually unhunted for over 30 years so the trophy quality is fantastic.

The hunts will be for Canada Moose, Mountain Caribou, Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Wolf and Grizzly Bear. It is a very remote concession, 1250 square miles in the Skeena Mountains straight east of the southern tip of Alaska, north of Smithers British Columbia. This area is only accessible by bush plane. There are no roads, no fences, only beautiful mountainous country. A fishing outfit used to own the hunting rights and they never hunted the area, leaving it completely untouched. Most of the animals have never seen people and have grown to trophy size.

This is an exclusive hunting area, we own all the non resident hunting rights and resident hunters rarely hunt there since the flights to get into the area are cost prohibitive. It really is an exciting area to be a part of, and we are thrilled to be able offer the hunts to you!

We have been building cabins, cutting trails, scouting and doing just a few hunts over past 5 years. Without trying too hard we have taken some big caribou, a good moose, a few goats including 2 huge Boone and Crockett goats and our first Grizzly.

Please review the website for information about the hunts. If you have any additional questions feel free to send me an email. That is the fastest way to get a response. You can call me at 780-864-3770, leave a message and I will call you back.

I hope you can make it up here soon to visit our newest
"Big Game Hunter’s Paradise in B.C. Canada!
--Mike Ukrainetz
Call Mike Ukrainetz 780-864-3770 or email info@mikesoutfitting.com

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